Good Thing I Bought the “Savory” Beef Gravy…

I just had a giant bowl of mashed potatoes with the above-mentioned "savory" beef gravy. No real need to put that on the jar since that is the hope...savory. "Beef" and "savory " kinda go together already. I've been watching my diet closer so today is a "free" day hence the spuds. In fact, the … Continue reading Good Thing I Bought the “Savory” Beef Gravy…

May 20th, 2017

What a fantastic day it was today - mid-70s with sun and blue skies. A lot of people were out and about today and tomorrow's gonna be busier I bet. I got a lot done with the trailer between last night and today. Last night I got the water lines drained and the system flushed … Continue reading May 20th, 2017

May 15th, 2017

I ordered a few things Saturday for the Scotty - a few lighting upgrades, a carbon monoxide detector, and a bug screen to keep them from nesting in my water heater. I got the package today so I wasted no time putting in the new natural white LED light fixtures. Instead of just changing the bulbs … Continue reading May 15th, 2017

April 15th, 2017

I know it's been kinda quiet on here the last few weeks, but not really much has been happening other than work and some exciting personal news. I got a FaceTime call from Meghan informing me that she is pregnant and is due in December. That was a little surprising! Chelsea is also pregnant (that … Continue reading April 15th, 2017

Good to be Home!

I got on the road for the last hour home yesterday morning. Man, it is soooo relaxing to be home. I slept mighty well last night. No more worries about the weather keeping me from getting back on time to do take care of the things I need to do. Still have plenty of rain, … Continue reading Good to be Home!

March 8th, 2017

Not much longer! After going back and forth on the route to take, I left West Wendover, NV this morning and took some back roads up to Twin Falls, ID to catch I-84. The KOA there that I stayed in was behind a bunch of casinos so that was a bit strange. Nothing quite like … Continue reading March 8th, 2017

March 7th, 2017

I finally got to leave Colorado today after waiting out the weather for three days. I spent the time in the Monument RV Resort in Fruita, CO. It was a really nice park and they deserve a shout-out. I had to buy new tires for the truck yesterday. I wasn't quite ready to shell out the … Continue reading March 7th, 2017