Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

An exciting few weeks it has been! First, my training in Oregon and the certification I acquired while I was there eating (😬). I had more training this week and there is orientation for the newbs. I got CPR/First Aid certified today. I played in a fundraising softball game tonight and it was really a … Continue reading Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

This Weekend’s Adventure – 06/07/17

Wow, that was a really good weekend. First, the shakedown cruise has been awesome. I am glad I brought the trailert out now so I can get used to this new way of travel before the hopeful big road trip in the Fall. I am making adjustments to storage, layout, and determining if I can … Continue reading This Weekend’s Adventure – 06/07/17

Good Thing I Bought the “Savory” Beef Gravy…

I just had a giant bowl of mashed potatoes with the above-mentioned "savory" beef gravy. No real need to put that on the jar since that is the hope...savory. "Beef" and "savory " kinda go together already. I've been watching my diet closer so today is a "free" day hence the spuds. In fact, the … Continue reading Good Thing I Bought the “Savory” Beef Gravy…

Getting the Scotty Out!

I am in the process of getting a reservation made next week for a campground and I will FINALLY be taking the Scotty out for its pseudo maiden voyage! I will be heading just over the Cascades to the East side. There is lots to see and do in the area I'll be in. I am excited to … Continue reading Getting the Scotty Out!

Ahh, Relaxation!

The weather today ended up being rather nice - sunny and in the 60s and my kind of weather. It was a perfect day to work on the trailer. I was wanting to go for an overnight shakedown cruise with the trailer but last night's forecast stopped me from doing so. No, it didn't rain, but … Continue reading Ahh, Relaxation!

A Long Day…But, it’s the Weekend!

FINALLY! Two days off! I am really looking forward to it, too. I have had only one day off in the last week and a half so yeah I am ready for it. I spent all day today pulling heavy equipment on trailers to another office - two four-hour roundtrips that ended up being a 11 … Continue reading A Long Day…But, it’s the Weekend!

Coast to Coast

I have written before about wanting to drive coast to coast on Highway 2 (well, as much of it as there is). I was thinking about this trip a little more and the possibility of it becoming reality this year. Since I got my Canada National Parks pass, I might as well use it as … Continue reading Coast to Coast