9lbs. 15 oz.

Well, the newest addition to the family has finally arrived! Rowan is her name. And yes, you read that weight right in the title. Just one ounce shy of 10 pounds. After sleeping two hours or so last night during my travels and struggling to stay awake all day that was a much-needed jolt to … Continue reading 9lbs. 15 oz.


I got to snap a few nice shots lately and I thought I would share them. These were taken on my iPhone 6. These phones nowadays have amazing cameras in them. For no bigger than what they are they really put many regular cameras to shame. The video that they can take is even better, … Continue reading Scenery

Trees. Big Trees.

I have spent the best part of the last two weeks with a few co-workers identifying hazard trees in campgrounds. We have looked at hundreds of trees and have found signs of disease while wandering through the woods dodging devil's club and downed giants - climbing over, around, and through the sometimes tangled understory. While wandering about it … Continue reading Trees. Big Trees.

What a Great Day!

As I write this I am kicked back in the sun on a riverbank, in a t-shirt, surrounded by nature. The sounds, smells, and sights that are all around us is diverse and amazing. It's easy to escape in it. And yes... I have my pants on as well. Today was another outdoors day. I guess … Continue reading What a Great Day!

Road Trip!!

Well, I decided to head south after my appointment this morning. I will not give you my destination because I don't really know what it will be. I have some bucket list checkoffs to sharpen the pencil for. As I write this, I am in a hotel in Roseburg, Oregon. I had a beer and … Continue reading Road Trip!!

I Know… it’s Been a While

Yeah, I have been quiet for a while but there really has not been too much to blog about recently. It has been a great summer so far! It has been an interesting last few months. I have been really busy at work up here in the San Juans. We have really busted our asses … Continue reading I Know… it’s Been a While

Near the Water

Lately I have been pondering the ocean and what it means, and why it has become so important, to me. I have been quite surprised what I have thought about and learned about myself. I never used to be an ocean person, and looking back it seems odd on the surface for an Aquarius to … Continue reading Near the Water