Good Thing I Bought the “Savory” Beef Gravy…

I just had a giant bowl of mashed potatoes with the above-mentioned "savory" beef gravy. No real need to put that on the jar since that is the hope...savory. "Beef" and "savory " kinda go together already. I've been watching my diet closer so today is a "free" day hence the spuds. In fact, the … Continue reading Good Thing I Bought the “Savory” Beef Gravy…

Getting the Scotty Out!

I am in the process of getting a reservation made next week for a campground and I will FINALLY be taking the Scotty out for its pseudo maiden voyage! I will be heading just over the Cascades to the East side. There is lots to see and do in the area I'll be in. I am excited to … Continue reading Getting the Scotty Out!

Stick a Fork In It

The 2017 Memorial Day Weekend is done. It was a busy one from our points of view. We spent MANY hours in several areas that are normally really busy with visitors so you can imagine how that must've been. Many cars were ticketed and/or towed because there were so many vehicles trying to park ANYWHERE, it was … Continue reading Stick a Fork In It

Back to Port Townsend

Today I had an appointment in Port Townsend - one of my favorite places for many reasons. I figured I would make the best of it so I have a room on the water and am heading back home in the morning to get off the road before the traffic thickens. I got over here … Continue reading Back to Port Townsend

March 19th, 2017

(I started this post on March 19th and was too busy to finish it) It has been a great time the last few days. Angie and Alexis came out to visit and we have been all over the place. The first few days we stayed at the Hotel 5 in Seattle. It is a pretty … Continue reading March 19th, 2017

February 27th, 2017

Well, it's been a busy few days. Let me catch you up... My last night in a hotel was two nights ago in Hays, KS. I pushed a little farther that day so I could have a short run yesterday and get in Leavenworth at a decent time, which ended up being shortly after noon. … Continue reading February 27th, 2017

February 24, 2017

This morning I left Loran and Meghan's house and made it quite far into Wyoming. Tomorrow I have to do the daily weather/highway intel briefing and hope to be where I need to be in Kansas in the about two days. It is a beautiful area that they live in. Very windy but beautiful with … Continue reading February 24, 2017