Day One – September 10, 2012

Sorry it has taken so long to start this blog. I have had no good WiFi connection on the road until now to get this set up plus some nights I had no amenities - I was in a steel tent "roughing it" as it were. I will post each day that I already have … Continue reading Day One – September 10, 2012

March 19th, 2017

(I started this post on March 19th and was too busy to finish it) It has been a great time the last few days. Angie and Alexis came out to visit and we have been all over the place. The first few days we stayed at the Hotel 5 in Seattle. It is a pretty … Continue reading March 19th, 2017

Big Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Angie and Alexis fly in to SeaTac and I will be picking them up after dropping off my trailer at a storage facility. I will be gone for a few days and I want it in a secure location while I am gone. Plus, it will not be in the way if someone┬áneeds to … Continue reading Big Day Tomorrow!

Good to be Home!

I got on the road for the last hour home yesterday morning. Man, it is soooo relaxing to be home. I slept mighty well last night. No more worries about the weather keeping me from getting back on time to do take care of the things I need to do. Still have plenty of rain, … Continue reading Good to be Home!